An office in the Shoreditch district (London)

28 May 2018

It has been more than 20 years since technology companies took a chance on the Shoreditch area of London. Little by little it has been contributing to what is now one of the trendiest neighbourhoods of the English capital. Not only is Shoreditch full of bars, restaurants, parks and new rehabilitation zones but it also is home to some of the leaders of the technology industry.

Decorative Demands

Our English partners, Vtec Group, who are the leading intelligence supplier in the global market, have participated in the decoration of the reception area and the meeting areas for this company. The goal was important since the system had to be flexible to adapt to the different purposes. The decorative panel that was chosen was the MSD Realistic Wall Terracotta rough brick, which was very suitable for this city and it has been used to re-cover columns, walls and the custom-made shelves.

Technical Demands

The system also needed to be durable and lightweight. The final result is an elegant and welcoming workspace, eye-catching to visitors and comfortable for the employees. The installation of the decorative panels creates a natural sensation without being too overpowering, especially considering the large size of the MSD Panels.

Brick Walls

The visual brick walls are the key feature in various decorative styles including industrial, modern and rustic. The brick panels Realistic Wall, mimic the detail of the original material, as they show the imperfections, roughness and wear and tear over time. The brick panels are not only durable but they bring personality and style to the room.

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