Decor Trends That Will Help Your Business To Stand Out

26 March 2021

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The new decorative commercial trends can be summarized in five key attributes: the new design wants to be multifunctional, colorful, adaptable, natural and hybrid.

These are five trends that have been installed in the commercial decoration of the immediate future and that will help your business to position itself as a benchmark among those in its sector.


Today’s design offers fewer luxurious objects and details than before, but more functional and combinable with each other. The idea that a decluttered space (free of unnecessary things) increases our quality of life is spreading, supported by new technologies and materials.


After years and years of minimalism and total white, the design of the second decade of the 21st century bets on character.

Blue, red, orange, violet, mustard yellow, green and even iridescent or fluorescent colors are at the forefront of fashion in interior design. Geometric motifs are also in vogue.

Mobile and adaptable

Temporary, adaptable, flexible, detachable, it is trendy. It is also easy to reuse and enrich with new creative proposals, economical, safe and easy to maintain.


Textures are very important in today’s design, and natural and unprocessed materials are very rich in them. Granite, slate, untreated wood and concrete and decorative panels that imitate them with great detail are in fashion.


Mixed cultures and styles star in the image of contemporaneity. The social and civilizational exchange, in short, the globality of our world, impose cross-cultural collaboration, which is reflected in our aesthetic tastes.

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Photo: Old Stones.

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