MSD Realistic Wall

Concrete board Grey

With an irregular finish, the imitation decorative concrete panel gives an up-to-date industrial aspect to all surfaces. Perfect for interiors and exteriors.

Technical information

  • Material: Polyester resin and fibreglass.
  • Measurements: 1,29 m. x 3,28 m.
  • Weight: 24 kg.
  • Surface: 4,24 m2.

Technical characteristics

  • Resistance:

    Highly resistant to impact and chemical products.

  • Reaction to fire:

    M3. Available in version Bs2, d0 (fireproof).

  • High thermal resistance:

    Does not contract or expand.

  • Not affected:

    Not affected by inclement weather and UVA rays

  • Water resistant:

    Suitable for installation in wet rooms.

  • Use:

    Exterior and interior. Walls and ceilings.

  • Durability:

    10 year warranty


Precise colours obtained through a combination of mineral pigments that are printed inside the material itself, obtaining colour fastness both inside and out.

MSD Realistic Wall panels are the ideal solution for decorative cladding.
They are strong and durable, unaltered by the sun and high temperatures, waterproof, anti-humidity, with climate insulation and resistant to erosion and thermal shock. Due to their light and flexible construction they can be placed on flat and curved surfaces.

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