DIY décor ideas with a flavour of autumn

11 November 2019

MSD Panels Thailand

Characteristic tasks for autumn include organizing the closets with warm clothes… or getting excited about refurbishing a room in the house! Renewed decoration gives us feelings of comfort and well-being, ideal to enjoy the warmth of the home in the winter months and to show off a new image during the upcoming Christmas holidays.

Achieving this goal in a very short time, and without cumbersome, tedious building work is the speciality of MSD 3D Wall panels. Easy to handle, light, resistant and beautiful: in a few hours you will get amazing results, and all with your own hands!

Discover here the whole range of 3D decorative panels and consult with our specialists to make the panel you need a reality, customizing your desired colour or finish.

Already chosen the MSD 3D Wall panel you were looking for? Get ready to have fun with a little DIY and invite family or friends along to help out with some tasks. Autumn refurbishment at your home can become one big party.

Our proposals of some touches of creativity inspired by nature will complete the autumnal look in your space.

Wooden logs

Create a centrepiece with small wooden logs and dried flowers. You can even build a side table using one or several trunks as a base, and place a glass sheet on top. 

Stones to decorate

Charge yourself with energy and good vibes by placing small stones here and there, in vases, pots or as paperweights. You can also paint and decorate them as an exclusive and personal work of art to give to your guests.

Leaves and pine cones

There is no better autumn inspiration than that infused by leaves and pine cones. They are very easy to get and you can make endless decorative arrangements with them: as a centrepiece, a tray, hanging from the doorknobs, as Christmas decorations…

With a little imagination and in no time, you can make your home look wonderful and unique.

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