Fall in love with the colour of chocolate

10 February 2020

MSD Paneles 3D Wall Komodo cacao

Dark brown, which immediately evokes the intense tone of hot chocolate, has the ability to transform any room into a sumptuous and sophisticated space. 

From the darker nuances of coffee and chocolate to the lightest of exotic spices, golden chestnut and light walnut, decorative panels finished in brown create a cosy, serene feeling in the decoration of any room.

Chocolate tones are so versatile that they can be combined with almost any other colour. Depending on the range we choose to create the decorative contrast and the spotlights of interest in the room, not only will it probably look richer and deeper, but it will also increase the colour intensity of the furniture and decorative accessories that we use alongside to complete our project.

The magic of cocoa

Achieve a decadent Victorian decadent look in your new living room: combine wooden furniture or olive green textiles with wall panels in an intense cocoa brown, with upholstered sofas, cushions, carpets or lamps in less intense golden brown. 

Create a striking finish in the bedroom by combining brown-tone panels like this panel MSD 3D Wall Komodo Cocoa Panels in the picture attached above, or this other MSD 3D Wall Komodo cardamom panels with the soft, pastel shades of colours such as lavender, powder pink or blue, otherwise known as “duck egg blue”.

In the bathroom, with very little effort it is possible to design a trendy spa experience with a fresh colour combination of blue, cream and chocolate or coffee.

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