Faux wood wall panels price and installation

27 July 2020

Decorative wood panels for walls are probably the cheapest option for an interior. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about  a living room, a kitchen, a dorm or a bathroom. Decorative interior wall paneling provides warmth, quality and high resistance to hits and humidity.

MSD interior wall panels are easy to install and much more affordable than using natural wood. Its easy. to know how to place our wood panels on the wall, as well as their price. Just access our catalogue, choose the range you like best or ask us for advice. We check the square meters you need, and we provide you an estimate.

Our interior coverings made with wood panels are only available to professionals, architects, interior designers or decoration shops. Therefore, if you are looking for decorative panels to cover the floor you are renovating, just contact your contractor so that he can make the purchase or the consultation.

The coating through MSD Panels will offer you several advantages in your work. The first one is the price, covering with decorative panels will make your budget cheaper. Then, the duration of the rehabilitation or reform process. The time invested will be shorter than if you work with natural wood with a traditional installation system, since our panels are coatings that are placed with their own installation system, comfortable and dry joint.

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To all this we must add the ease of maintenance. Our wood panels are finished and offer similar sensations to wood in the finish you choose, but they resist temperature and water much better and are perfect for both interior and exterior use. They clean up very well and you will not have the problem of their porosity since they do not absorb liquids. Its replacement, thanks to the fixing system used in its placement is also much more comfortable in case you want to give it a new face wash in the future.

For all these reasons, for price, placement and facilities, choose MSD Panels to carry out your work with the best results.

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