Get Ready for the New Season with MSD 3D Wall

31 August 2020

MSD Panels 3D Thailand Nacre Lounge

Before starting to plan the renovation of a house, we must decided about the final aspect we want, and work for the balance between aesthetics and our practical sense. Our home is to be lived in and enjoyed for a long, long time, with the greatest possible comfort.

A very important choice that is sometimes relegated to the last minute is the type of storage or organization solutions that will provide a space for everything and a designated place to store and preserve our everyday objects without causing disorder.

It is a somewhat complicated decision because we do not know how our family needs will evolve in the future. The decorative panels that allow us to modify the coverings, wiring and electrical outlets, without the need to rethink a large work reform, are very useful to update the image of a room without altering our budget or committing to long and costly reforms.

Making sure that each space (living room, kitchen, dining room, for example) is considered individually with built-in storage units for each area will help us contain disruption.

Today we propose a very attractive way to create a storage wall with MSD 3D Wall panels model Thailand, which are distributed in a wide selection of colors and can be customized with finishes to suit your personal project.

The design of this 3D decorative panel created by MSD Panels is a tribute to the geometry of pagodas, the beautiful Asian temples of Thailand.

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