Expertise and International Vocation of MSD Panels

11 May 2020

MSD 3D Wall Java Cocina

The history of MSD Panels begins in 1994. This is a family business, dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of decorative panels, both for interior and exterior.

Since our beginnings, we have specialized in new materials that reproduce those of nature. MSD Panels are made of resin and fiberglass, with natural pigment printing, and bring back to us with great realism the authentic sensation of wood, stone, old bricks and many other amazing finishes. They are large format panels, with average dimensions of 1.30 m high x 3.30 m wide.

After more than twenty years of work and expertise, we set ourselves the challenge of developing an innovative product, with even more volume, smaller size and less weight, so that anyone would be able to decorate their own spaces with it. 

A very resistant and, at the same time, exquisitely beautiful decorative solution. Thus was born MSD 3D Wall, a modular system designed to cover walls in three dimensions and manufactured in SMC (Sheet Moulding Compound) in a size of 0.833 x 0.833 m. Very easy to install and to personalize.

Global distribution

In addition, another feature that characterizes us as a company is a clear international vocation. Thanks to our extensive worldwide distribution network, we supply both individuals and professionals anywhere in the world, with a strong presence in such remote places as the countries of Central America or China, to mention just a few.

MSD Panels has a team of qualified professionals with great experience, ready to meet any need, with a personalized service and a clear and strong commitment to innovation and quality. 

Contact us, we will help you bring your decorative project to life.

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