Harry Potter in the office

27 May 2019

Jennor UK, a leading office design and refurbishing company, offers exceptional work spaces in the United Kingdom and precisely in 2019 will have been doing so for over forty years.

A well-designed workplace is a key contribution to staff motivation and a clear appraisal indicator. Design, ergonomics and comfort are the decisive factors of the project.

The experts at Jennor UK office services have created workplaces for satisfied customers in cities such as Manchester and Liverpool. The project we would like to show you today is the renovation and fitting out of an office space with an extraordinary result.

This peculiar area of work, reminiscent of Harry Potter films, has been fitted out with MSD Chipped Stone Spanish White Panels, distributed in the United Kingdom by our collaborators the Vtec Group.

The stone walls, in keeping with the classic style are used here in an innovative way, creating a cinematic touch. A style that takes into account the strength of the stone in the décor proposal.

Decorative stone panels

MSD wall décor panels are perfect in this example to create a special environment, guarantee an exclusive result and, therefore, add value to the design while guaranteeing the quality of your finishes.

Produced from original walls, with the same textures and exact natural characteristics as the authentic material, MSD stone panels contain more than 50% natural pigments, oxides and minerals. A decorative panel system to catch the attention, with its aspect as well as with its technical characteristics. They are attractive, lightweight and durable.

The large size of our stone panels makes it possible for renovations and constructions to be installed quickly, so the office activity hardly stops while the project is being carried out! A great advantage for companies that want to update without putting their business on hold.

Panel finder

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