Joie de vivre in the Purino restaurant chain in Germany

3 December 2018

Our German colleagues from StoneslikeStones, specializing in the latest décor trends for avant-garde dining venues, have once again shown their magnificent skills at the prestigious Purino restaurant chain.

Their intervention consisted of applying very original, customized finishes to the solid brown-brick MSD Realistic Wall panel.
The experience and meticulous technical skill of the Stoneslikestones professionals have come together to work parts of the panel with the localized application of colored plaster, achieving the aged look that was intended. The design was enhanced with graffiti art to complete the industrial, yet trendy, fresh and contemporary look of the place.

The materials used in the construction of the Purino restaurants are carefully chosen to inspire the natural, family atmosphere that defines its mission as a hotel company. Worn metals, solid wood, large windows and terraces and brick panels reminiscent of reused industrial lofts, bring about a relaxed, informal atmosphere.

A family experience

Purino invites diners to feel at home. The décor is inspired by the typical get-togethers of the popular Italian villas in the 60s and 70s. They explain that having a really good meal does not simply mean filling up the stomach, but rather, eating together is a family experience, an expression of hospitality and pure joie de vivre.

For its part, the intervention of the StoneslikeStones team with the MSD Realistic Wall brick panels provides an atmosphere for the restaurant, which is natural, unique and charming. These types of finishing are a snug fit for the needs of commercial premises such as these: its impeccable appearance can be customized, is up-to-date; quick and clean to fit, with guaranteed durability and strength.

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