New Starbucks in Fuzhou: in the heart of the Orient

5 November 2018

The new Starbucks in Fuzhou, capital of the coastal province of Fujian, in southeastern China, is one of the coolest places in the world. Our distributor in the area, Alun Wong, has provided the MSD Realistic Wall concrete panels which have contributed to creating a magical atmosphere in the heart of the Orient.

The beautiful wooden exterior of this shop is perfectly integrated into the landscape and the artisan heritage of Fuzhou, one of the oldest commercial ports in China.

Located next to one of the classical Chinese gardens of the Song Dynasty, this Starbucks respects that Eastern heritage and incorporates it into its structure. In contrast, its interior is completely contemporary and offers minimalist architecture and a creative, dynamic modern art environment with graffiti elements.

The love of design and sustainability, as part of the essence of Starbucks stores, is reflected with great efficiency thanks to the characteristics of the materials used in its construction.

The coffee-culture company offers an environment in which to feel comfortable and connected. These are spaces integrated into the life of the neighbourhood of which they are part and are responsible and respectful of the environment.

Starbucks has been praised as one of the rare global corporations that really understands the Chinese market: it sells locally-sourced products, such as green tea-flavoured coffee, and is committed to a fresh and natural design that excites young Chinese consumers.

The global coffee commercialization giant opened its first coffee shop in this large capital city in 2010. Pioneer in the introduction of the consumption of this product in the Asian nation, it opted to settle precisely in one of the most important tea producing provinces in China.

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