Sunsource, distributors in Malta for MSD Panels

11 September 2019

Sunsource Malta

Our decorative panels distributors in Malta, Sunsource, represent the best brands in coverings and products related to the latest technology in HVAC and energy efficiency systems. And not only on the Mediterranean island, but also in southern Italy and the north of the African continent.

Sunsource has been working in Malta since its creation in 2004. Thanks to the support and collaboration of this innovative company located in the heart of the Mediterranean, products by MSD Panels have become a huge commercial success in a very important part of the European market.

The alliance of MSD Panels and Sunsource is a clear example of the importance of selecting the best collaborators to successfully create a joint project. Not only are they continually improving and achieving their objectives, but they also take great pleasure in sharing their eagerness and enormous willingness in extending their goals and going that extra mile.

Sunsource Malta

The great versatility of MSD Panels coverings and its extensive catalogue, compatible with any style of decoration, fits perfectly into the Sunsource line of work. Materials manufactured in Europe with the latest technologies and the result of constant research and innovation. Easy to adapt and customize in keeping with new trends, and especially practical when developing and managing energy saving solutions for premises and buildings.

MSD panels, manufactured in Spain, more than meet the most demanding design and material quality requirements. Sunsource and MSD Panels roll into one their extensive experience in construction and renovation projects carried out with the maximum guarantees of professionalism, highly attractive aesthetic results and comfort for the customer in their day to day routine.

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