Cladding and panels to insulate your home and save energy

30 August 2019

Ahorrar energía con paneles

Decorative panels with thermal insulation to save energy: discover how to save on your electricity bill by installing decorative panels with thermal insulation to save energy.
With the arrival of subsequent heat waves in summer our use of home air conditioning devices is considerably on the increase, causing electricity consumption to skyrocket. Here are a series of tips to keep in mind when it comes to saving on your electricity bill.

Choose the best rate to save on your bill

As the electricity energy market is free, each consumer can choose to contract
electricity with the company that suits them. From the largest companies such as: Iberdrola, Naturgy or Repsol, or likewise you can opt for emerging alternative options such as Holaluz and Podo, no matter where you reside in Spain. For example: contracting your electricity with Endesa in Bilbao is possible through several channels: by phone, on-line, at Endesa’s commercial offices in Bilbao or the autonomous community in question, whose customer service points can be located on the company’s app or official website.

Generally when choosing the best rates bear in mind your own consumption habits, the contracted power you need when using several appliances or electronic devices simultaneously at home and at what time you generally want to consume your electricity. The best advice is to use an electricity tariff comparison system to find out which electricity and gas tariff suits you best.

Save energy by installing claddings and panels

If you want optimal savings on your electricity and gas bills, the best option is to
eliminate any thermal bridges inside your home to consume the minimum amount of energy, without sacrificing efficient HVAC.
Thermal bridges are points located on the walls or ceilings of the house that, due to characteristics of the material itself, deterioration or some other reason give rise to specific areas that facilitate the entry and exit of the air from the outside to the interior of the property.
The presence of these thermal bridges in any space implies that to achieve the ideal indoor temperature, the home's HVAC devices such as air conditioning or radiators have to work harder until the optimum temperature is achieved. This means that not only is there an increase in kWh (kilowatts per hour) consumed on your electricity and gas bills, but also it contributes to environmental deterioration above the inevitable levels derived from the use of these devices.

Numerous options are available to cover the spaces with panels to fulfill the function of thermal and acoustic insulation, to a greater or lesser extent. These panels are a practical solution to promote energy and economic savings in the home, while providing added value by offering a visually attractive result within your home.

If you want to know more about thermal insulation we suggest you take a look at the recommendations from the OCU (Spanish Consumer Agency) by clicking here.

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