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MSD decorative panels are made of polyester resin and fiberglass. With that base, we managed to offer perfect imitation stone panels, brick, concrete and wood wall paneling. We color them with natural pigments to obtain the desired finish. Our wall coverings are perfect for shops, restaurants but for homes, kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms and corridors too. We not only offer great fidelity to reality with our wall panelings, but also quality and resistance, which allows us to offer you a 10 year warranty. That is why our decorative panels are the most chosen by decoration store managers, architects and interior designers from all over the world.

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MSD Decorative panels, perfect wood,
concrete, brick and stone imitation panels

The MSD panels are a perfect imitation of wood, stone, brick and concrete, achieving wall coverings with a lot of style and that will become the perfect complement to the interior or exterior design that you make for your clients. It reduces costs and construction times too. All our imitation panels are easy to install, which allows to streamline the execution process and deliver the interior design to your client on time. Being panels of great resistance, they are ideal to choose them to decorate terraces and walls in the interior of a commercial place like a bar, a restaurant or any type of business. They are resistant to the sun, to thermal shocks, to erosion, to high temperatures and to water. For this reason, MSD wall panelings are the best solution for dressing a wall.

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3D Wall Panels and Decorative Panels
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In MSD Panels we respond to architects, builders, decorators and interior designers who need a more artistic finish to some of the walls of their clients. That is why we have designed five models of 3D decorative panels inspired by nature; with unique volumes that evoke the wind, the waves of the sea, the night, the dunes of the desert and the traditional rural walls. Our 3D decorative panels are the favourite for restaurant walls, achieving very special sensations that accentuate the character of the space, but not only for that. Our MSD 3D wall panels are perfect for living rooms or the wall where the sofa rests. If you want design or get a special building design, ask for more information about our MSD 3D wall coverings

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MSD 3D Walls and decorative panels, best sellers for your interior design store

By price, resistance, performance, ease of installation and cleaning, decorative panels MSD are the most chosen by the most demanding construction professionals.

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