MSD 3D Wall Panels for the WOW Factor in Your Decor

27 November 2020

MSD Panels 3D Wall Thailand blanco consola

Until not so many years ago, what was called “high decoration” and reigned in the best hotels and magazines, seemed destined for the enjoyment of only a few. Technological development and the search for new state-of-the-art materials have made it possible for some of the construction elements that were very expensive to produce then, to be within the reach of any project now.

This is how the range of MSD 3D Wall products was born, which covers your walls in a very easy and fast way, thanks to some decorative panels in three dimensions that, despite being the result of a research of the highest technology, you can install yourself.

MSD 3D Wall decorative panels are design, volume, texture and emotion. Its surface is smooth and highly polished. They can be customized in any color. Their designs play with light and shadow, thanks to the pronounced volume of their shapes. And, thanks to its personality, it manages to transmit unique sensations.

Five panel styles

The MSD 3D Wall panels are offered in five exotic styles. Each of them is named after an island paradise.

  • Martinique evokes the waves of the Caribbean Sea.
  • The striped skin of the Sumatran tiger inspires the undulations in the design of Sumatra panel. It is the deepest, with a relief of 33 mm.
  • Thailand pays homage to the pagodas, a typical construction of this Asian country. It is characterized by its geometric shapes and its thickness of 18 mm.
  • Komodo: the design of this three-dimensional decorative panel is inspired by the rough texture of the Komodo Island dragon skin.
  • Java panels, a design that conveys calm and balance, like the crystalline waters of the sea from which it takes its name.

MSD Panels achieved this product of surprising technical qualities and beauty after years of development and research. Different decorative panels, with different uses and characteristics, for a market in continuous evolution.

If you want to know more about 3D decorative panels, check our website and contact our professionals.

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