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We supply our decorative panels to the best interior design and decoration stores all over the world

In MSD Panels we have been dressing walls all over the world for more than 25 years  thanks to our distributors in more than 20 countries. Join us. In our Professional Services  Department we are proud to solve any challenge, helping you to design the project you  want for your clients. We only sell our decorative panels to professionals. If you are an  architect or you own or manage an interior design store, contact us.

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If you want to sell our MSD decorative panels  in your building materials and interior design  store, get in touch with us. We will supply the  exhibitors you need and we will provide you with  all the information about our coverings.

In MSD Panels we make panels to dress walls  in four large groups of finishes: stone, brick, wood  and concrete.MSD means contemporary  decorative solutions, resistant and durable.  Become an official distributor of MSD Panels and  stand out from your competition with a quality,  durable product, leader since 1994

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Cheapens your  work

Choosing MSD panels  instead of the  original material  saves more than 60

Accelerate your  work

The installation of  MSD imitation panels  is quick and does not  require extra work

10 years  guarantee

All MSD panels are  sold with a 10 year  warranty. They are  made with high  quality products

We grant your satistaction

MSD decorative panels guarantee maximum customer satisfaction, and yours 

MSD decorative panels are the best by architects, interior designers and decorators


At MSD we work for and by construction professionals. Since 1994 we have developed  the best coatings and decorative wall panels.

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Creative projects

Stone panels

Perfect imitation
wall panels
for home renovations

The walls of a living room, the front of a  kitchen, the walls of a terrace or headboard. The walls of your bedroom will gain  personality and impact by placing in them  our decorative panels of imitation of brick,  wood, stone or concrete.

Since 1994, our wall coverings have been  the most chosen by architects, interior  designers and construction professionals  who have relied on us to guarantee the  maximum satisfaction of their clients, the  fulfillment of the times of the work and the  greater profitability of each project.

Brick panels

For quality and profitability, choose MSD decorative  panels

Our decorative
panels are perfect
for restaurants, retail stores
and any kind of  shops

Our 3D wall panels and coatings are the  perfect complement for the redesing of any  restaurants, bars and retail stores you have  in mind. You can choose between more than  170 panels.

The imitation stone, concrete, wood and  brick panels are perfect for clothing stores,  restaurants with a vintage or industrial  touch and also for greengrocers, coffee  shops and any space that understands that a  good interior design is the key to success.

Concrete panels

Imitation 3D walls
that provide personality to the walls
of any office and meeting rooms.

Our imitation concrete panels are perfect for the  walls of a coworking, an office or a meeting room. The  old wooden coverings facilitate the relaxation of the  employees in the rest areas and those of brick and  stone are perfect for offices

The 3D MSD decorative panels are the most chosen  for reception spaces, as the elegant folds of their  bodies are attractive and suggestive. If you need  inspiration for your projects, do not stop asking us for  more information without commitment.

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We will contact you to tell you everything about the MSD Panels you need for your  work or business. If you need ideas, get in touch with us. Ask for more information about  the profitability of bringing MSD panels to your building materials business.