2019 decorative trends for refurbishing your kitchen

1 September 2019

Are you thinking of renovating the kitchen but can’t come up with new ideas? Investigating new trends, in a world open to almost limitless competition can be an ambiguous and complicated task to undertake.

That is why it is very important to know where to start, set an approximate budget and decide what is missing from your current kitchen to make you happy and fulfill its function in an aesthetic way with an effective design.

The kitchen is the center of family life in almost every home, so deciding the tone and how the entire unit will look is a very important decision for our daily lives. Whether you are contemplating the idea of a complete revamp, or just wanting to renew the look of the kitchen front, decorative panels will help you achieve that new image you are looking for.


Although we have seen many materials come and go in kitchen interior fashion, quartz keeps it place, the countertop. Timeless and resistant, it still reigns tops in decor trends for this year.

Pure whites are slipping

Although it is very difficult for them to disappear completely, white kitchens are giving way to color and a variety of tones.

Instead of pure white, specialists encourage us to try deeper and brighter tones that evoke emotion, energy and positive spirit.

3D geometric finishes and panels

Clean and symmetrical lines are in, as well as 3D geometric panels that reproduce industrial, futuristic style.

Mix and recreate

The juxtapositions of different designs and textures help us to customize an exclusive decor to give our home its own particular hallmark. Exploring and playing with trends, colors and furniture from different eras on a common “canvas”, which might be the decorative panel of our choice can help us achieve this goal.

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