3D Decorative Panels and Unique Sensations

20 January 2020

MSD 3D Wall Martinique

MSD 3D Wall is a 3D modular panel system that dresses your walls with unique textures and sensations, and that touch of personalized glamour set to become so fashionable in any décor proposal for 2020. 

The MSD 3D Wall collection appeals to the senses. In the image accompanying this publication we present one of its four lines, Martinique, with its sinuous pattern, like the Caribbean Sea, whose soft gentle waves inspire this decorative panel. The wavy lines in relief invite us to immerse ourselves in the serenity and sensuality of the purest nature. 

MSD 3D Wall coverings provide your refurbishment that different, personal design you are looking for. Manufactured with SMC, they are light and resistant, quality that allows us to offer ten years of warranty. 

MSD Panels provide décor results of extreme beauty and elegance. Check it here.

Easy installation and maintenance

MSD 3D panels are so resistant that they can be installed outdoors, since they are not altered or deformed by moisture, the sun rays, bad weather or high temperatures.

They are suitable for large and small projects, due to their lightness and easy installation and maintenance.

Thanks to their meticulous manufacture and materials, these panels are suitable for wall coverings in areas for everyday use, such as beauty salons, spas and wellness spaces in general. 

Given their unique, attractive design, MSD 3D Walls also provide spectacular results in large spaces: reception areas of gyms, spas and catering establishments, to name a few examples.

Available in a wide range of colours, MSD 3D Panels can be customized according to the needs of the project, applying paint to the panel and / or giving them a new texture.

Contact our commercial department to consult about other finishing options.

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