3D finishings with customized coverings

15 July 2019


3D finishings give your refurbishment a touch of design and that something different you have been looking for. They are manufactured with SMC, offering lightness and resistance, enabling us to offer a 10-year warranty for all our panels.

Placing them is as simple as levelling, applying the adhesive and tightening up. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor and can be colour-customised to adapt to any project. If you are a distributor, find out how to get them to your business.

MSD 3D Wall panels are very strong and are not altered or deformed by moisture, sunlight, inclement weather or high temperatures.

MSD Panels 3D models appeal to the senses. Their lines are sinuous, delicate and suggestive, like the most exotic oceans and the most heavenly, dream-like islands in the world, which inspire these decorative panels.

Easy installation and maintenance

They are suitable for large and small projects, due to their lightness and easy installation and maintenance.

Thanks to their meticulous manufacture and materials, these panels are suitable for wall coverings in wet rooms, such as bathrooms or beauty, spa and wellness spaces in general.

Given their unique, attractive design, MSD Panels also provide spectacular results in large spaces: reception areas of gyms, spas and catering establishments, to name a few examples.

Colours and customization

MSD 3D Wall is an exclusive product line designed and manufactured entirely in Spain by MSD Panels.

Available in a wide range of designs and colours, they can also be customized and adapted, depending on the needs of the project, by applying hydroprinting textures to the panel.

Contact our commercial department to evaluate the ideal finishing options for your personal or commercial project.

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