5 Tips to Find Your Decorating Style

21 September 2020

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Do you envy friends who seem to decorate their house effortlessly and with magazine look-alike results? Do you get stressed out every time you have to choose a piece of furniture or decorative element because you are not sure what your style is? 

We offer you a few recommendations to enjoy the moment of making this type of decision and do it, moreover, without disturbing your budget.

Follow the experts

Flip through the pages of decorating magazines and save the photos of the rooms and houses that appeal to you the most. Analyze these images and determine which elements are causing your good vibes.

You can also use applications such as Pinterest to get an idea of what decorating style best suits your tastes and personality.

Determine your style

Choose a couple of questionnaires about decoration from the many that can be done on the Internet. They are fun and can really help you define your style. For example, one we found in Houzz and you can fill it out here.

Analyze your tastes

Review your favorite clothes. Pay attention to colors and textures. Are they mostly neutral colors? If so, you may prefer a similar shade palette for your home. Are your favorite clothes colorful and bold? If so, try something similar when choosing textiles for your home.

Pay attention to your surroundings

When you go for a walk or a trip, what kind of houses make your heart race? Are they traditional or minimalist and modern? If you like modern houses, you will probably also enjoy the clean lines and minimalism of today’s decor. If you prefer traditional homes, you’ll probably fall in love with historical furniture and vintage decoration.

Make an inventory of what you already have

Walk around your house and take notes. In each room, make a list of the furniture/art/accessories you like, and a separate list of those you want to replace. Then, review the list of things you like to see what they have in common. Take that list with you every time you make a home purchase, it will serve as a guide to stay true to your style!

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