Are faux brick wall panels suitable for a kitchen? Are they the best choice?

31 July 2019

Imitation brick wall panels are one of the most chosen systems to accentuate the strength and personality of a kitchen partition.

In MSD we have the panel you are looking for to get a brick type wall at the best price, without labor and easily placed in record time, so that you only worry about designing the best possible space.

When kitchens are designed, it’s not all about functionality. A kitchen is a space that is usually used to start the day, have a cup of coffee or dinner before going to bed. It is a place of relaxation and meeting where the host has a lot to say about himself.

Getting personality in a kitchen at a good price, and in a way that can be executed at a good price and respecting the deadlines agreed with the client, is achieved with decorative panels.

paredes ladrillo falso cocinas

Brick Wall Panels Look Awesome in a Kitchen

Faux brick wall panels are cheap and look like they were real because they are not just natural finish but you can choose a wide variety that goes from rustic to the most cosmopolitan. Our recommendation is that you choose only one of the vertical walls to decorate it with our coatings, and let it be on which the natural light of the window falls. Le Corbusier said in 1920 that ‘architecture is the wise, correct and magnificent game of volumes under the light’. Exactly that luminous dance is what the brick blocks of our false wall provoke.

If you have a client who wants to add one or several false brick panels to your kitchen, please contact us. We will give you advice and we will help you to know the quantity of panel you will need.

To finish this article, we are going to give you a tip to add a better narrative for your interior designs: incorporate another of these panels in the bathroom. Thus you will achieve a fantastic continuity between both wet spaces. Thank you very much for choosing us

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