Best 3D Wall Panels for Your Dream Terrace

15 June 2020


Summer is coming and we feel like giving our terrace a special touch! There are three main factors to consider: space, function and style. It does not matter the size of our roof or balcony: the most important thing is to plan and organize it well.

MSD Panels:


Is it an indoor/outdoor space or is it all outdoor? You have to keep the place clear and minimal: the more crowded it is, the worse it looks and the harder it is to use the area to relax.

Background and zenithal lights multiply the space. Wall lights and hanging lamps are also useful to make your terrace look bigger than it is. 

Furniture takes up most of the space in any home, so make sure you need everything you buy. 

Choose furniture that is functional and can withstand changes in temperature and weather. Outdoor wicker furniture is a classic, but there are tons of interesting options in metal, glass and treated wood.


Can you use outer space all year round? Is it too cold in winter? Too hot in summer? These are easily correctable questions. The key is to make the terrace a pleasant space to use as much as possible during the year.


Outdoor furniture can be upgraded at any time, simply by purchasing cushions and pillows. You can even reupholster the furniture yourself to adapt it to your preferences or to the fashion trend. 

You can also cultivate your own style by designing a special environment to suit you, choosing MSD 3D Wall decorative panels from our online catalogue.

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