Best Decorative Panels in Fashion Stores

13 April 2020

Even the most difficult spaces, such as vaults, corners, curved areas or projections, can be covered by placing MSD panels directly on the surface to be cladded. A fine example is the one presented by our collaborators Stoneslikestones China in this outlet fashion sport store.

Decorative MSD Panels are ideal for dressing the walls of a shop, both indoors and outdoors, creating surprising environments in a very fast, simple way. Our colleagues have used the panels MSD Realistic Wall LOFT rough brick with great ingenuity, both inside the staircase and on the main façade.

Customised panels in commercial businesses

If you want to improve the appearance of your restaurant, cellar or office, the simple, yet very practical solution, with wonderful results we propose is fitting decorative panels. 

This type of cladding is also the perfect solution for production departments, in film, television and commercials: quick to install they are resistant to temperature changes and can be reused.

Are you involved in producing shows or designing theme parks? Specialists at MSD Panels also have personalized products to precisely fit your project requirements.

Whatever your dream design, you can choose from a wide range of models, magnificent artificial imitations of stone, slate, brick, concrete or wood, for example.

Shape your personal style, visit our panel finder and find what you need.

Panel finder

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