Choose the Color that Best Represents Your Style

13 July 2020

MSD Panels by Muros Black stone bathroom

Do you doubt about which color suits better your decor style? We show you some of the ones that provoke more interest in our collections.

MSD Panels:


Eternal colour, perfect creative canvas for any of your projects. Brick, rough brick, broken white. Subtle, luminous and full of strength, depending on the texture chosen. It will always work well on any wall and you’ll need to add colour with the furniture or textiles that best match your project.


Classic red, dark red, terracotta… The clay colors point to a great personality. The intensity of the tone will depend on how you combine it. You can cover columns with the panels or bet on complete coloured walls. An idea: wooden furniture, light or dark, is perfect with brick or almost any colour.


For both stone and concrete, grey brings sobriety and elegance to the walls. As it is a neutral colour, it will always work in a harmonic way. Combine the rest of the room with bright colours, if you are looking for a casual atmosphere, or bet on the classic black and white, if you are looking for total serenity.


The bravest colour in interior decoration and one of the most attractive. In both stone and wood, black provides an unmistakable focal point. Make sure you have enough natural light, so that spaces don’t seem smaller, and add some vegetal touches. It will be refreshing!

We also recommend to think about what texture you would like to add to the wall. Go one step further in renovation, refurbishment or installation projects, both in your home and in your business. If you have any questions, contact us. We will advise you on your very own project.

Photo: Muros

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