Create an Elegant Statement with a White Brick Wall

22 June 2020

MSD Panels White Loft Ladrillo Blanco Macizo

Walls covered with white brick panels are a great trend in today’s home decoration: they make the atmosphere very personal, with an industrial touch and totally chic.

If you still want to make your style more exclusive, you can make a bold statement of principle by choosing decorative brick panels in a more striking colour or by applying custom paint, artistic decorations, logos or photographs.

White brick walls are perfect for any space: foyer, living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and even the children’s room. Achieving this effect does not require starting to build brick on brick. Create your wall wherever you want, without having to do any building work, with MSD Panels products.

Shabby chic, industrial or vintage decorative styles can be easily reproduced with this type of panel, in a very short time, without long and cumbersome works and with spectacular results.

White rough brick

Discover the White rough brick panel from MSD Panels: traditional and timeless, this model of decorative imitation brick panel is one of the classics in wall covering. Its great versatility makes it compatible with any decoration.

MSD Realistic Wall Panels are the ideal solution for decorative cladding. Strong and durable, unalterable to the sun and high temperatures, they are also waterproof, damp-proof, climate insulated and resistant to erosion and thermal shock. Due to their light and flexible construction, they can be placed on flat and curved surfaces.

Project and photo: Muros

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