Décor Trends 2020: Creativity and Comfort

7 January 2020

It is a good time to decide the changes our home needs and plan the renovations we are about to undertake. To help you with this task, we have reviewed some of the décor trends for the brand new year, and you can be sure we have a wide variety of styles to choose from. 

If in recent years we have witnessed the prevalence of minimalism in interior design, 2020 will surprise us with creative, daring and fun environments. 

The main design fairs held last year have already anticipated the prominence of vibrantly coloured spaces, enriched with the combination of geometric patterns, materials and shapes, complemented by striking design pieces.

Abstract energy

The most daring and personal interiors are inspired by the works of art of abstract expressionism. With bold geometry, hand-drawn sketches and fun blocks of colour, this trend aims to represent the unique personality of each of our homes. 

Its purpose is to evoke emotions and build a creative and energetic mood. Like the MSD 3D Wall panels, which induce these sensations and can also be finished with customizable colours or with the Anticatto termination, providing a grainy texture to the panel. 

New neutrals

The objective of this decorative trend is to create a comfortable and quiet environment to relax, making our homes a safe, cosy space in which to enjoy a life with style, but also very comfortable.

The new neutrals change bold, bright colours for soft, basic ones, and are inspired by a growing global awareness of sustainability in our daily life and the need to pause the pressure imposed by today’s society.

It works very well in any environment, be it a rustic kitchen, a small, modern bathroom, living rooms or bedrooms, combined with any piece of dark furniture.

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