Decorative Panels with Natural Effect

27 January 2020

MSD Paneles 3D Komodo blanco

Cushions, blankets and natural fabrics covering floors, sofas and armchairs instantly cause a comfort effect: that comfortable and safe ambience inviting serenity and reassurance.

This trend will accompany us during the winter until well into spring, and also relies on natural colours. Choose a mixture of ochre, blue or steel greys combined with touches of warmer pink and brown. 

This palette of “organic” tones can be complemented with more powerful ones; such as moss green.

Unlimited creativity

Multiply the creativity of your designs without limits using decorative panels. They are light, resistant and can reproduce in detail what you like best about natural materials. 

MSD panels are made of polyester and fibreglass resin. Thanks to extensive experience in the research and manufacture of this type of materials, we are able to offer imitation stone, brick, wood and concrete panels to help you make the best décor decision with all the necessary tools. 

On our web you can easily find all the information about our two main product lines: the MSD Realistic Wall panels and MSD 3D Wall panels. 

The installation of the MSD panels is fast and requires no work. Choosing MSD panels represents a significant saving compared to the original material.

Our coverings faithfully reproduce natural materials and are also manufactured with excellent quality and strength, which allows us to offer a ten-year warranty. That is why they are the most popular choice for distributors, architects and interior designers from around the world.

For more information do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

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