Wood coverings adds warmth and versatility to your projects

Wood panels

Choose MSD wood panels to achieve wood-look walls for kitchens, living rooms,  bathrooms or retail stores. All our decorative panels have a 10-year warranty, are easy to  assemble and are made of polyester resin, fiber of glass and natural pigments. 

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dress your wall

Vertical railway sleepers

These imitation panels are similar to the liners formed with horizontal sleepers, turning their arrangement to offer more versatility for your projects.

Horizontal railway sleepers

These coverings are wall murals configured in such a way that it seems that the old sleepers of the train tracks have been collected in order to make them, which achieves surfaces with great force

wooden planks

Wallboard panels offer a natural-looking coating for the walls of living rooms,hallways and bedrooms. Combined with the right furniture, you will get the perfect building redesign for your clients

stave wood

The imitation coatings of wood staves provide texture, roughness and temper. These MSD wood panels allow breaking the symmetry of a set and endow it with character.

Wall solutions

Do you have a project and you do not know how many decorative panels you need? Are you a distributor and want to bring MSD Panels to your business?

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