Designing Bakeries for All Five Senses

24 August 2020

MSD Panels Panaderia by NICHE ladrillo traviesas

Bakeries awaken our emotions, evoke memories deeply rooted in our subconscious and take over our senses with their colors, aromas and flavors. The NICHE team helped to create this evocative atmosphere by applying MSD Panels to the walls and counters of this beautiful bakery and café in the Norwegian town of Sandefjord.

With a warm and relaxed atmosphere, which provides tranquility and good conversation, the place has become a reference in the neighborhood. An interactive and contemporary space where you can not only buy the best bread and cakes, but also enjoy them in company with a cup of excellent tea or coffee, for a nice break at any time of day.

In this project, the designers selected MSD Panels suitable for use in food related business. They chose on this occasion LOFT rough brick and Old-walnut horizontal wooden sleepers. Their classic and rustic appearance combines with the selection of natural elements distributed throughout the premises, as well as the industrial style counters and shelves, which lend an aesthetic balance to the whole space.

MSD Realistic Wall Old-walnut horizontal wooden sleepers

The decorative panels MSD Realistic Wall Old-walnut horizontal wooden sleepers faithfully reproduce the old railroad sleepers, recovered and assembled to cover walls. They bring texture and depth to any room.

MSD Realistic Wall LOFT rough brick

MSD Realistic Wall LOFT rough brick panels are a great option for commercial establishments too, and one of the classics of wall covering. Due to their great versatility, they work very well with almost any decorative style.

Photos: NICHE

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