Five trends in office design set for success

27 August 2018

Whether you work in an office or in a collaborative or co-working space or at home, work days are long and the place where we spend most of the day acquires a lot of importance.

It has been proven that employees and professionals who enjoy the aesthetics and comfort of their work environment are more productive and happy while benefiting from a better state of health in general. Design and quality matter, right?

Undertaking office remodelling is no mean feat, given the inconveniences it can entail for our daily schedule. However, there are technological products at hand, such as the MSD Realistic Wall decorative panels, to ensure a fast, snag-free, impeccably clean and up-to-date aesthetically attractive transformation.

These are the five trends on top this season in office decoration:

Flexible and dynamic spaces

Furniture, carpets and other elements are very combinable and transportable when it comes to encouraging employees to adapt to leisure micro-spaces or meetings in a very short time. This ease of adaptation is also very useful given that staff are continually changing.

Biophilic design

Sustainability is key in today’s world, so the connection between design, architecture and nature is increasingly valued. Biophilic design incorporates elements of the natural world into the built environment to improve people’s sense of well-being and emotional balance.


This trend has already been with us for a season and it seems like it’s staying for longer. The Nordic line continues to expand with workspaces wanting to resemble homes, especially in order to enhance emotional intelligence and that atmosphere of trust and security that benefits both individuals and the team in general.

Meeting areas

A whole new generation of professionals and employees are coming out of their offices and converging on common areas, where creative ideas and innovation flow more freely. For this reason offices must be highly convertible and equipped with multi-purpose areas where business meetings or moments of relaxed conversations about ideas and projects can be held in comfort.

Technological integration

Technology changes the world and spaces have to adapt to these changes. Open, wall-free offices, with flexible spaces as we have seen, need tasteful professionally dressed walls, which facilitate a vehicle of aesthetic connection between the different areas of the workplace.

These spaces should be able to easily integrate the needs of new technologies: presentations, video-conferences, wireless connections, plugs, computers… A whole world of cables and connections. In this sense, the use of easily-maintained MSD decorative panels which are quick to install will be decisive for making it significantly easier to update the office.

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