Headboard Ideas That Will Rock Your Bedroom

22 January 2021

MSD Panels madera dormitorio

The headboard is a very interesting element in any bedroom, although it is not “obligatory” to have one. It completes several functions, not only decorative, and choosing a stylish one that makes it easier to rest can complete or change the decoration in several ways.

You can try painting the headboard directly on the wall and you will achieve a great visual impact. However, if you are looking for a professional finish with very little time and money, decorative panels offer the solution you have been looking for.

Here are some ideas to make your bedroom shine, although if you browse our catalogue here, you’ll see that the possibilities are endless and open to your inspiration.

3D Wall Panels

The best thing about MSD 3D Wall panels is that they stimulate creativity. They are also really versatile and fun for both children’s and adults’ bedrooms.

You can change them and redesign the space as often as you like, because they are lightweight and very easy to install.

It is also very easy and economical to add other elements such as a frame, your personalised painting or nice shelves for books, toys, plants or other personal objects.

If you choose a MSD 3D Wall panel you can also make your bedroom look glamorous quickly and get an instant WOW effect.

Wooden panels

Panels that imitate wood are popular because they add warmth to the room thanks to the natural aesthetic qualities of the material.

A wooden headboard can be constructed from reclaimed pieces if you want to add character to the design or preserve the history behind the material, or it can be made from panels that perfectly replicate this rustic effect very effectively, without having to worry about reclaiming, sanding and varnishing.

These headboards add a rustic or vintage touch to the room and are also great for contemporary decors.

Panels can be stained or painted for a more weathered look. Add a wood panelled headboard to add warmth and comfort to a bedroom decorated in cool colours.

The shape and size of the headboard matters too. Our wood panelling, which comes in large sizes, also makes it easy for the entire wall covering to make an immediate style statement.

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