Home Decor Tricks to Enhance Natural Light

20 April 2020

MSD Panels 3D luz natural

Home décor can be a great help to feeling more energetic in our day-to-day. Many tips exist to help lift our spirits and remove anxiety and stress: making the most of natural light is one of them.

Natural light is one of the most important characteristics that people look for when they are interested in buying a family home. Today we offer you some tips to make the most of it and create light spaces even in dark rooms.

Use the mirror effect

The more glossy surfaces or light-coloured claddings you can add to rooms, the more light will be reflected in the room.

Objects such as chandeliers, brass lighting, gold door knobs or silver photo frames, mirrors or transparent acrylic furniture should be part of your décor strategy as they help reflect the light.

In the image of the living room this article illustrates, we have used white MSD 3D Wall panels to create repeating wave textures which beautifully reflect and extend the natural light from the large window.

Ideas for dark rooms

Use glass whenever possible to connect rooms or mirrors of the same size directly facing each other. The seemingly infinite array of reflections creates a sense of depth, making the room appear larger.

To “enlarge” the look of a corner window, place a mirror of the same size as the window in the opposite angle of the wall.

Add a good-sized mirror to the end of a short hallway to visually lengthen it.

You will find the results light up your room and brighten your spirits.

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