How much does it cost to renovate an office like a call center and make it a good place to work?

31 December 2021

A big and open space like a call center needs a renovation to make it a good place to work. Workers spend a lot of time in it so the office must be nice and confortable. If you want to make it, and you want it cheap, you have to choose MSD Panels.

A call center consists of a gigantic central space where the different professionals are distributed in their cubicles. It has offices, chill out areas and also changing rooms when needed. It is important that the coverings of each room offer the right sensations to immerse the worker in the right mood.

Moreover, these finishes have special value in this type of company. The reason is that the spaces tend to be especially open to accommodate the specific type of work being done. In one of our recent jobs, we chose decorative panels with a light wood finish for the relaxation areas. Irregular stone ones for the meeting areas and others with a polished cement finish for the work area.

 MSD Panels is the best choice to renovate an office,

With this combination, the right sensations are generated in each space. Because, although it may not seem like it, materials make us feel different things depending on which ones surround us. And we know this well, because at MSD Panels we have been distributing our decorative panels all over the world for years, both to professionals who want to achieve the best atmosphere for private homes, and to interior designers who decorate commercial spaces, as well as offices as particular as these call centers.

If you need more information about MSD Panels, see our catalog and contact our consultants. We will explain how easy it is to install our panels without building work, and how well they withstand shocks, humidity and even how easy it is to exchange them.

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