How to cover a wall without paint or wallpaper but with stone, and cheap!

3 October 2022

Covering a wall is an important decision. Forget doing it with paint or wallpaper. You better choose stone, but using real stone is expensive and not only because of the material itself, but for the instalation and conservation. Do you want to hear a better idea? Choose MSD Panels.

To get siding for little money, the best solution is to count on MSD Panels. We have the best cladding and decorative panels with the finish that your client needs. Our panels have the following advantages over the original material:

  • A much lower cost
  • Installation that does not require specialized personnel
  • No residue and very little dirt on site
  • Very low installation times
  • Possibility of exchanging them in the future if needed
  • Better response to cold, humidity, sun and other external agents
  • Better insulation response from the exterior to the interior

Sometimes there are customers who resist decorative panels because they think they don’t look real. That is another difference between other decorative panels and ours. Our finishes are perfect and equal to the original material both in texture and colors. In addition, a natural material such as wood or stone wears out a lot over time. It gets ugly, it gets mildew, its color wears out…. But MSD Panels decorative panels remain perfect all year round.

MSD Panels decorar paredes de ladrillo rojo

Our imitation stone is so much better than any paint or wallpaper

Therefore, to clad a natural stone wall for little money, you have to:

  • Discard natural stone as such
  • Choosing decorative panels
  • If you want the best quality and price, make them MSD Panels.
  • Install them and you have the perfect finish

We work directly with architects and interior designers, so we can advise you without obligation, give you a quote and explain how the installation is. Thank you very much for choosing us.

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