How to decorate a large wall in my living room?

4 November 2020

Looking for wall decoration ideas for your living room? Here we are to help! Look no more large wall decor ideas for living room in pinterest or instagram, your inspiration is in MSD Panels. Decore it with one of our astonishing decorative panels and achieve the perfect touch you are looking for.

MSD Panels sells decorative panels to professionals who can give that special touch to your room by covering a wall with them. The most chosen for this task are:

  • Imitation brick panels: with these panels you will give your room a New York touch. This panel brings texture and character to the space, making an anodyne wall the protagonist
  • 3D panels: these panels are ideal for long walls, since they take advantage of that dimension to play with light and space.
  • Imitation concrete panels: they provide a serene touch and are perfect for hanging pictures and even large grandfather clocks
  • Imitation stone panels: if you choose the right one, they will look great in a country house.
  • Wooden decorative panels: The roughness of the wood can connect or contrast with the floor of the room, creating unique effects.

¿Cómo decorar una pared grande de salón encima de un sofá?

Check our large wall decor ideas for living room!

What many of our interior designers do is line only the wall of the living room where the couch is or the wall where the TV is. Depending on the material chosen, just by choosing some good wall lights you will have a spectacular wall. Of course, the best thing is to first choose the panels and then the sofa, so that the TV will match the decorative panel you have chosen. If you find this idea attractive, contact us. We work with professionals, so not only do we sell, we also give the best advice.

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