How to Design a Photography Studio

14 August 2020

MSD Panels Estudio Foto Stoneslikestones

The distributors of MSD Panels in Germany, the ever-inspired Stoneslikestones, helped create the multi-purpose and chameleon-like atmosphere of this great photo studio: Hauptlicht.

They applied the MSD Panels products Greystone slabs, Brown plywood and White rough brick, which you can discover in our online catalogue.

Today we want to share with you some useful tips for decorating your own studio.

Get to know your space

Examine the space in which you are going to create your studio. Plan the decoration taking into account its dimensions to achieve maximum utility and efficiency. This will allow you to take advantage of gaps for material storage, for example.

Define your needs

Calculate as accurately as possible what type of work you are going to do: macro photography, portraits, product photography… Depending on these professional uses, you will need more or less space to extend backgrounds, place tables, plug in lights and computers.

Lighting sources

Take into account the natural light and where it comes from (window, skylight, outside door, etc.) North-facing windows are best, as they will collect large amounts of light but not the direct sun or its ‘hard’ lights.
Plan a good electrical system with adequate capacity to power your artificial lighting system.

Careful decoration

Pay attention to the decorative details that will make the visit of collaborators and clients more pleasant. It is not only the quality of the work that counts: a good system for arranging photographic tools, a small rest area and a good choice of wall and floor coverings can be the definitive push to launch your creative studio to stardom.

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