How to Design the Ideal Home Office

8 June 2020

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Many people needed to adapt at once to a new daily reality: working from home. Suddenly we were looking for a way to create a routine that our home was not prepared for: how can I make room for my documents? Where do I connect the computer and charge the mobile? Should I wear street clothes? Will I miss anything if I take a break for lunch? 

It’s a world of finding each and every answer, so we can use some tips to create a functional, productive and stress-reducing space.

Design your own personal space

Bring together the things you need in one place, even if it’s small: an ergonomic chair (very important, especially if you’re going to spend long hours in front of the computer), a big enough screen, a mouse that’s comfortable to use…

Personalize that little junk room or an area of the corridor that you did not know how to appreciate with a decorative panel that inspires memories of nature and relaxation, you will see how those hours become much shorter, and moreover the result will be practically a small decorative reform that will brighten up your day to day.

Set yourself limits and goals

Using a designated space helps establish the most important part of a home office: the boundaries between work, home and family tasks and obligations, and personal leisure time.

Working at home should not take you away from your co-workers: set a goal of communicating with bosses and/or employees regularly so that communication flows smoothly yes, but continuously and efficiently.

Create a routine

A large part of setting those limits is to follow a routine schedule, as you would if you woke up, prepared, moved and set up in your company office. 

Put the things you need within reach and the right place to organize them, without making a lot of mess (a nice box, hanging folders inside a closet).

Surround yourself with things you like

In addition to the essentials, make sure you incorporate elements that make you happy and reduce stress: adding personal touches will help boost your morale and keep you focused on your daily goals.

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