How to fix a wall that is not straight or is painted, but horrible!

28 March 2020

Are you asking how to disguise a croooked wall or an uneven one? Lots of architects have been in this situation, they have an horrible wall that have to hide but with a professional touch. For that matter, our MSD Panels are perfect for the job!

A horrible plastic painting, a non straight wall… The solution is not throwing the wall away but installing one of our awesome MSD Panels.

The decorative coatings of MSD Panels are installed without any work on the wall itself. This is great because you get to modernize that wall without raising dust, without having to paint and repaint or trying to remove it with the time it takes and the dust it generates.

The decorative panels that we sell at MSD Panels are supplied only to professionals, and are a low thickness, low cost and aesthetically perfect. You can place our decorative panels of wood, concrete, brick, stone or 3D finish in any area of the house. We are used to giving advice, so don’t hesitate to ask us for more information if you need it.

How to fix a wall that is not straight or is painted

To hide a crooked wall, do not choose wallpapers but MSD Panels

Just update it with an imitation stone or concrete panel. You will achieve the desired effect but making the wall stop looking like a 60’s film set. If you want to give it a totally different touch, softening what was there, one of our most chosen panels are those that imitate wood.

If you want to dazzle your clients or guests, choose these decorative panels for a bathroom or kitchen. Although they perfectly imitate the shape and look of wood, they are totally water and heat resistant. So you know, you no longer have an excuse not to modernize that old-fashioned wall!

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