Interior design inspiration – Home decor to inspire your instagram bio!

7 November 2020

Have you ever dreamed of being an influencer or a famous instagrammer? First steep is having the best bedroom decor so you can film the best stories. Yes, the background where you are going to record your stories is quite important. Brands love good decoration, because decoration is communication. If you want to decor your room and improve it, choose our MSD Panels.

A work room of an influencer who works 24 hours a day in front of a computer needs to be prepared for the image it projects. What you capture will show a big wall behind you, and what do we want to see there? Many choose to place a shelf full of objects, but, the problem is that it distorts what is being shown to the camera; and brands want their product to stand out.

That is why several interior designers are already asking us for our decorative panels for this purpose, specifically two:

Brick panels: perfect for sitting in front of the camera and talking. The bricks of our panels are imitation, but the feeling is that they are authentic. You will have seen many youtubers with brick wallpaper; the effect is not at all the same.
Imitation concrete or cement panels: these are ideal for your message to shine. In addition, they are great for placing different elements that give a special touch to your set or decoration.

MSD Panels Realistic Wall

Instagram stories loves MSD Panels

If you are reading this article and want to start in this business, take the set you are preparing to show the world very seriously. Everything around you will be part of your message and brands will study it. Take care of these details and ask your decorator to use MSD Panels to achieve the professional result you expect from your videos.

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