MSD 3D Wall Panels: Natural Inspiration

26 February 2021

MSD 3D WALL Whitesmoke Martinique panel baño

Today’s decor trends look to nature. The use of elements that inspire freshness, durability and suggestive lines has been incorporated into the latest interior design practice, adapting perfectly to our way of life.

Nature inspires MSD 3D Wall, a modular system of exclusive panels designed to dress spaces in three dimensions. Beauty and resistance come together to create unique spaces.

MSD 3D Wall panels can be customized by applying a coat of paint. And if you are looking for spectacular finishes that mimic any type of texture, MSD Panels offers a hydro-printing service tailored to your project.

Complete the natural look of your home with some professional tricks:

Mixed textures

Avoid cladding, furniture and accessories that are too closely matched. Combine different materials, colors, textures and volumes.

Metallic details

Metallic accessories, especially in gold and copper colors, are still very fashionable. A well-chosen lamp base can be enough. Metals also evoke the nature from which they are extracted, and provide balance, harmony and a spark of warmth to the environment.

Personal creativity

Natural plants are great for keeping the air clean. If you don’t have the time to give them the attention they require, you can opt for a centerpiece of fruit or flowers or printed fabrics in shades of green, tan and sand.

There are also plenty of objects that you can recycle and use in your home decor, such as wicker baskets, antique ladders or bamboo dividers.

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