MSD becomes a work of art in New Zealand

21 January 2019

MSD Panels has recently participated in the installation of an impressive artistic design for the Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna o Waiwhetū. Our distributor’s team in New Zealand, with specialist Sam at the helm, has brought to life the work of the designers Jess Johnson & Simon Ward.

The artistic project called Genetekker Archaic (bunker), 2018, deploys a large mural that covers the exterior of the building with a work of art using the “mixed media” technique of paint and vinyl applications and MSD Realistic Wall in dark solid red brick.

The Genetekker Archaic exhibition arises from the collaboration of Jess Johnson & Simon Ward to create a unique work of art based on early computer games. Their mutual love for video games on the “pacman” platform has promoted this collaborative project by the two creatives, who live in Wellington.

Johnson’s extraordinarily detailed drawings of imaginary worlds provide the starting point for the Bunker building in the aforementioned art gallery forecourt, which turns into the “cover” of an all-encompassing, imaginative medieval fantasy game.

The digital screens Bayleys Knight Frank Foyer of the Gallery show animated scenes of the imaginary game, rendered in pixel art, an aesthetic derived from the first video games. Eventually, the artists plan to develop a playable video game as an extension of this project. The exhibition was inaugurated on November 14.

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