MSD Realistic Wall wood panels, harmony and nature

23 September 2019

MSD Panels Madera

Walls decorated with imitation wood panels bring us back to that ambiance of American films from the sixties and nineties of the last century, which made the great natural parks and the love of nature fashionable. A vintage, rustic and fresh air, as well as something personal, exclusive and cozy, that we can easily reproduce with great realism and without the need for a large investment or conservation effort, thanks to the MSD Realistic Wall panels from the imitation  wood line. 

Stave Wood Panels

Imitation wood coverings provide texture, roughness and strength. These decorative panels allow the symmetry of an area to be broken and give it character.

Wooden Boards

Wall wooden board panels offer a natural-looking cladding for decorating living room, hallway and bedroom walls. Combined with the right furniture, they depict the perfect renovation.

Horizontal Railway Sleepers

This type of decorative covering rounds off a wall mural, configured in such a way to make it look as if old sleepers from the train tracks have been recycled, achieving vertical walls with a huge force of expression.

Vertical Railway Sleepers

They are panels similar to the coverings formed with horizontal sleepers, except the layout has been rotated to offer greater versatility.

Choose wood coverings from the MSD Realistic Wall line to achieve walls that look like natural wood in kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms or commercial premises. All MSD Panels decorative panels have a ten year warranty, are easy to assemble and are made of polyester resin, fiberglass and natural pigments.

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