New Year, New Kitchen: Fulfil Your Dream

30 December 2019


New Year’s resolutions ready to go? Do not make your life harder with unrealistic or laborious projects. Focus on caring for and ensuring household well-being and comfort, it is well worth it! 

Make your decorative dream come true with very little effort: sign up for an amazing, economical, fast and simple transformation, by installing wall panels that mimic the attractive shapes and materials of nature.

Today’s proposal is to give your kitchen a spectacular make-over by placing an MSD 3DWall panel, model Java Black Marquina, a design inspired by the smooth and crystalline waters of the Java Sea. 

Elegance and balance in black, marbled with capricious, fine white lines: highly fashionable design for the incoming year.

Customised panels

 MSD 3D Wall panels can be customised by applying a coat of paint. It is also possible to obtain spectacular finishes that imitate any type of texture, using our hydroprinting service.

The MSD panels are available in multiple shapes, designs, colours and textures. Customizing the different environments of your kitchen will be a breeze, because in addition to MSD 3D Wall panels, you can choose panels that mimic stone, brick, concrete or even the most fashionable wood or the classic beam look, from our MSD Realistic Wall line.

3D panels are very easy to maintain and clean properly: a cloth or brush and some neutral soap is all that is needed to keep them like new. 

Panel finder

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