Office Interior Design Trends 2020

24 February 2020

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Well-being in the workplace is at the forefront of 2020 trends in office design, beyond of course the inherent functionality aimed for.

While some fashions have more staying power, even the most popular evolve over time, while others disappear completely. What remains a constant in 2020 trends is that they are a reflection of a totally contemporary business culture: the one that includes the human factor.

By looking at the design lines of tomorrow, you can easily understand where businesses are now and where they want to be in the future. This analysis must be expressed consistently in the design of the facilities and in the sensations that give shape to a brand, both for employees and customers.

Flexibility and dynamism

Now it is more important than ever to have an integrated workplace that can adapt to real-time business needs. As the pace of business accelerates, the importance of dynamic and multifunctional workspace increases.

Human factor

The new work environment currently includes features that are generally found in traditionally very different leisure environments, such as restaurants, gyms or bars: it has very bright, comfortable spaces and furniture, games rooms, walls with finishings that evoke natural materials or fitness areas, to give some examples.

With the mission of adapting to new professions and teams that work collaboratively, sometimes remotely or part-time, companies work closely with designers and achieve more welcoming and comfortable spaces that promote a sense of community, comfort and shared values. 

This trend is not simply an effort seeking to keep people satisfied with their office environment: it has to do with the competitiveness and reinforcement of the corporate culture. 

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