Panels for Renovating Stairs and Hallways

3 February 2020

Even though it gives us our first impression on entering a building, sometimes we do not give enough importance to the entrance to an area; the hall and the stairs. Attention to detail on the effectiveness of its design and its final appearance is key, both in public spaces and in our homes or second homes.

A shabby or outdated staircase will create a negative first impression on visitors, and may even reduce the value of the property. Appearances aside, many old staircases can become unsafe, as they were designed and built when construction and conservation standards were less demanding than current ones. 

Imitation concrete panels

For your entrance and staircase to live up to your expectations without spending a fortune, the ideal solution is to fit concrete imitation panels, such as those shown in the image.

Imitation fair-face concrete, or the different designs offered by our cement-finish decorative panels, lend a bold personality, with their texture and character. MSD Realistic Wall panels present easy-to-install décor solutions that are cheap and quick to fit without the need for masonry work. 

Updating and modernization work does not require any significant investment in time or money. When an old building is in poor condition because basic maintenance care has been neglected, or it needs to be modernized and adapted to current tastes, fitting decorative panels is the fastest, most efficient and attractive solution.

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