Rehabilitation of an old country house at the best price with MSD Panels

30 May 2022

We, MSD Panels, have the most suitable panels to rehabilitate the old country house your client want to improve. Re-shape that house at the best price with coatings that resist water, heat and even hits.

The best solution to give a new look to your country house is, first of all, to have the right decoration. You have to invest and change the interior design of the room for new elements, but none of that will shine if you do not adapt the space itself. What gives the tone you are looking for to your interiors are the walls, what are they like? Hopefully you don’t  have any stippled walls yet.

Rural houses usually have worn paint, a wall with moisture or a stone that is already very crushed. Changing any of these elements in the traditional way is a tremendous expense of money and effort. You have to tear down the wall, build a new one, have skilled labor to carry out the project, etc. There is a much cheaper and much more attractive solution that will allow you to change the style of your rural house more easily in the future: MSD decorative panels.

MSD Panels - Muros - Hormigón salón chimenea

MSD Panels are great to rehabilitate an old country house

We have a huge catalog of interior and exterior finishes. The look, feel and sensations are identical to the natural material. There is only one difference: price and installation. You will save a lot in the work, you don’t need specialized personnel and, as it takes much less time for the installation, the whole execution will also be much cheaper.

In MSD Panels we work with professionals, so ask your interior designer to contact us to offer a great price and explain our way of working. Your cottage will look better than new.

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