Rehabilitation of façades with decorative panels

10 June 2019

MSD fachada collage

The current trend in the rehabilitation of façades is not focused solely on aesthetic criteria. Extending the period of useful life of a building finish and improving the characteristics of thermal insulation, aimed at becoming more efficient with air conditioning energy consumption, are key issues when selecting materials for updating and improvement projects.

In today’s example of an application, MSD Realistic Wall Chipped Stone Spanish White panels were applied on a 90 square meter façade, in a typical rural house in the town of Foncea (La Rioja).

Most important features of the MSD Realistic Wall decorative panels:

  • Insulators: interior and exterior. Unaltered by the sun and high temperatures.
  • Flexible: lightweight and adaptable to any structure.
  • Waterproof: anti-humidity and climate insulation.
  • Unalterable: erosion does not affect them. Highly resistant to temperature changes, thermal shock and ultraviolet rays, do not shrink or dilate.
  • Lightweight: thickness / average thickness of 2/3 cm. According to models, approximate weight 6/8 kg / m2.
  • Resistant: with the robustness of the laminates.
  • Manufacturing and innovation: Materials class M1 (with fire retardant properties) and class M3.
  • Installation: a perforable, flexible material. It can be fixed on any surface, without masonry work, easy to install, clean and fast, joints are concealed perfectly. No building permit required and it is fully salvageable.
  • Finishes: perfect reproduction of colour and relief, visually perfect. No maintenance required (colour printed).
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