Restaurants that are a feast for the eyes

25 February 2019

Designing spaces that are going to be used by many and very different people is not an easy task, there is a trick to it. Design professionals have decided in 2019 that the best way to meet this challenge in restaurant design is … looking at the wall!

The decorative MSD Panels add colour and texture almost instantaneous to the commercial premises, are good value for money and don’t require much time.

The rich textures of aged brick, wood, concrete or stone of different shapes, colours and finishes bring personality and inspiration to food and drink establishments: they almost magically transform them into comfortable, warm places isolated from the outside world. They can even acoustically isolate them from the daily commotion of the cities, with the bonus of comfort.

This year’s colours for finishings take a bold step in restaurants, beyond the white on white, and without too much of a big deal, they pursue a natural effect, without visual clutter. The new designs incorporate a “seventies” feeling: simple and natural but at the same time bright, with touches of metal and a lot, a lot of texture.

The colour palettes are bright and saturated with natural light, evoking the feeling of being outdoors, in a world that otherwise seems to live more and more within itself.

This audacity can be seen in the combination of different finishes that turn the creative work of design into a unique decorative atmosphere, with a singular, unforgettable personality. Restaurants that are a treat for the eyes, and where you always want to return!

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