Stone veneer for exterior – Are faux stone panels worth it?

2 September 2019

Looking for a cheap solution for the exterior walls of your clients? Look no more. Faux stone siding panels from MSD Panels are a cheap way to provide them with a real stone feel. The cost to install our stone veneer on those exterior wall is cheaper and faster than the real ones.

Stone exterior cladding is a much more reasonable and durable solution than placing on the entire granite wall. Our panels do not emit radon, they are placed in record time, they are easy to repair, they are not heavy and they represent a considerable saving compared to the real stone. They are better cleaned and do not need specialized personnel for placement.

The natural stone facades are a very demanded request by those who want to make a house in the countryside, especially in the northern part of Spain, but when it comes to the execution budget, the client’s face changes. In MSD Panels we work to offer finishes of the same quality as natural stone but that are much more reasonable both for you, as an architect or professional of the reforms, as for your client.

paneles de piedra para fachadas exterioresFaux stone wall panels – The cheapest cost to install stone veneer on house

Choosing one of our stone panels for facades has become even easier. You just have to access our stone panels section and look for the one you like best. In case you have any questions, contact us. MSD Panels works for professionals and for decoration and renovation stores, so we not only sell, we also advise the professional. Our interest is not that you buy a lining, but that you have us as your partners to pane bathrooms, kitchens, lounges and also all kinds of commercial premises.

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