Stone wall for a modern house design – Interior and exterior, the best ideas!

15 April 2021

Are you thinking about redesigning your house, it’s so modern but you want to have stone walls? Don’t worry, MSD Panels has the best decorative panels with a perfect stone finish that is as modern as tradicional.

The question is: how can I count on stone walls if I have a modern, well-designed living room with modern decorative elements? It is a mistake to think that stone ‘brutalizes’ the space. Stone, well chosen, is one of the most elegant elements you can find. It is always on trend and always looks good.

Of course, there are several things to keep in mind. If you have an apartment, you are not going to knock down a whole partition wall to build a stone wall. It weighs a lot and the load may be too much for your floor. In addition, a stone wall as such is too thick. The solution has to be decorative panels.

With our stone walls made by MSD Panels your house will be the coolest one!

When you are recommended: “decorative panels imitation stone” as a solution, you think of something of low quality. However, MSD Panels panels achieve a perfect imitation of the original material in touch, color and feel. The best thing is that you can browse our catalog to find exactly the right one for you and your living room.

These panels are installed without the need for building work as they are anchored to the original wall. In this way, their installation is very simple and economical. Our panels are ideal for both exterior and interior, withstand shocks, stains and sudden changes in temperature. But you are here for the design, right? Then contact us, explain us how is your living room and we can recommend the ideal panel for you. Thank you very much for choosing us.

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